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We created Meet Mori as a way for humans to connect, think about and face their mortality... together. 

We'd love to hear from you, whether you are just curious, want to dig deeper into the philosophy behind death acceptance, or have experienced a loss and could use an ear. 


Maren, Susan and Frank

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Meet Mori

Remember You Must Die
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At first Mori was sad... 

Because as a skull the world made him feel like he was bad, dark and scary. Then one day he realized that he was just part of the circle of life. People were born, people lived and people died.

Mori's full name is Memento Mori which is Latin for "remember you must die". He serves as a reminder that we all die one day, but at the same time he encourages us to live fearlessly and to the fullest exactly because we never know when the music will stop. 

As you glance at Mori throughout the day, remember that you're alive. Live as if each day matters—because as long as you’re alive, it does.